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Why rotational moulding?

Our versatile process

Rotational moulding is a versatile process for the manufacturing of a vast range of plastic products and components. We create our own products, and also bring our customer's products to life. It is often the most cost effective, consistent and flexible process for small to medium sized batch runs.

Our production capability

Our eight bi-axial machines and ovens provides the ability to run a large number of production cycles per day. We can mould anything from smaller products to products up to 2.7 m in length. The unique design of our bi-axial machines means we can mould up to 6 products on one machine at a time, providing one of the of the largest and most flexible daily moulding capacities within New Zealand. Our team is focused on delivering quality products to you, quickly.

Our material

Polyethylene is the most commonly used material in rotomoulding. We use medium and high density polymers that are UV stabilised. We can also mould with foam to improve product strength and buoyancy. Let our experienced team help you to identify and source the best material for your product.

Product development

Project management

We have a track record of collaboratively working with clients to oversee the entire process from design to production. Our current clients include government agencies, regional councils, large and small manufacturers, wholesale and retail companies.

Mould design & manufacturing

We use CAD software in the design process to ensure product specifications meet client needs and accurately depicts your idea to a range of mould fabricators in New Zealand and abroad. Once the mould is designed and fabricated by a mould manufacturer, moulds are trialled and production processes refined to ensure a quality product.

Production & Freighting

We pride ourselves on quick, efficient, no-nonsense manufacturing of products of consistent quality. Our fleet of vehicles ensures rapid delivery products within Northland and Auckland. Freight companies are contracted for longer distances.


Management has experience in partnering with clients in a number of formats. This includes joint ventures, project consortia and large collaborative national and international project teams.

Contract manufacturing

Machining & assembling

We utilise Lean Manufacturing Principles to efficiently machine your product to a consistent, high-quality finish. Contact us for an end to end full manufacturing process. We can assemble component parts from you or your sources to be incorporated in the finished plastic product. Our team offers a professional assembly service over a variety of different end use products.

Customer service

We are easy to do business with. Our reputation for a collaborative and responsive approach generates repeat business from satisfied customers.

Industries serviced

Portstar Plastics contract manufactures a wide range of products for the electrical wholesale, waste water, plumbing, waste management, animal feeding, horticultural and on-farm vehicle industries.

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