A versatile strong plastic distribution or storage box with lid for multiple applications.

Suitable for drain layers, electricians, building contractors and other tradesmen that have a need to store, connect or distribute electrical and drain installations. Easy to customize pipe or cable entry to suit your installation.

Suitable for households, equestrians and pet-owners to store beer, horse food, pet-food or use as a stool with storage.

ElectricalDurablePolyethyleneWith or without lid
PlumbingStrongWater resistantPlastic box in red, green, blue, orange, yellow, white, black, grey or khaki
DrainageWater resistantDimensions400mm X 400mm paving stone fits as optional lid
HouseholdUV stabilised Width: 400mm
Equestrian Easy to drillDepth: 400mm
Pet-foodDouble skin lidHeight:400mm