Large Channel Markers

Our channel markers have been trialled and tested in the Auckland Harbour and Northland regional marine areas for more than 10 years.

They float correctly in all weather, are highly visible, low maintenance and made from UV stabilised Polyethylene.

Solid pigmentation throughout ensures no fading or degradation of polyethylene material. Lights and metal radar reflecting equipment is easily attached.

DurablePolyethyleneStarboard or Portside
High visibility, with no fadingPolyurethane foam insulationFoam insulation or fully foamed donuts
Light-weight compared to metal marketsSolid pigmentationOther colours available
Low maintenanceDimensions
Easy to repair5 Donuts:
Height: 3500mm (above water)
Width: 2500mm
Lights and metal radar reflection easy to attachHeight: 400mm